Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy May Day !

It's just too quick how almost half of the year has flown by ...
We had a relatively quiet week except for these new friends we met :)

(dolphins - R now wants to be a dolphin trainer..)

(feeding the seals -
we learnt the difference between seals and sea lions .. the latter has ears)

(Shamu - a killer whale - the star of 'Free Willy' )

(the beluga whale who lives in the arctic)

(these guys are just tooo adorable...)

And some candy shopping at the Scrapbook Expo !!! happy :)

Taking some classes too tomorrow - terribly excited - and one with Becky Fleck too from Basic Grey !! hahha... hope my 'produce' would be decent enough to post.....

Some shots of girls to close off... have to include them for the benefit of doting family members who come by just to see how these two are getting by ...

see ya soon !! Enjoy what's left of the nice long break !

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scrap-myself-silly said...

Drooling over your STASH !!!! yumms !