Monday, March 28, 2011

In celebration of Mummies

I did this.

For ME.

  • Because I needed some creative therapy
  • Because I needed to celebrate and give myself a pat on the back for surviving a decade of 
    • sacrifices
    • tears
    • heartaches
    • anger
    • frustration (the pulling hair out type)
  • Because I needed to tell the world what a PRECIOUS gift motherhood is, and worth every second of any insurmountable pain one may feel.

For YOU.
  • So you too can celebrate YOU and the MUMMIES in your life.
  • AND tell them how much you appreciate their presence.
I'm running this class only on 30th April (Sat), as I'm totally hard pressed for time this month.
Hope to see you there !

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dance a little... scrap a little.. that's the story of love ..

It's been a whirlwind past 2 weeks with dance concert rehearsals, tears, needy kids, single motherhood, and scrappy yummies ! Inevitably caught the bug and was down for a couple of days, but nothing some retail therapy couldn't solve.. ha !

First some crafty goodies to share....

love these birdies from the American Craft 'Hello Sunshine' line...

Got those love notes down pat. Unfortunately Small didn't fancy this layout.
"Why Jie Jie's so bright - mine not nice - no owl ??!" (see below) followed by 'manja' whines and tears
Anyone has some magic potion i can feed her ? She's slowly driving me nuts !!

Here's the bright layout Small was jealous about. I've been soooo grateful for R lately. She's really been my ROCK, this 9 year old. What will i do without her ?...

And the stars at the recent concert @ Jubilee Hall in their dance regalia... they enjoyed themselves sooo much and so did I... gosh, the logistics involved in putting together something like that. Millions of kudos to their dance teacher who single handedly rocked this. Sure, there could be things that could have been done better, smoother, nicer... but to the KIDs, it was just PERFECT.
Check out some of the action...

thanks for dropping by !!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Love notes

Small has been feeing insecure as the tummy enlarges and the kicking is felt.
Has been needing lots of reassurance and LURVE lately...

Check out her labours of love to me ....

She also has been dragging her feet to school the past week and has been whining "i want to stay with mummy ..."

So i made this little notebook for her to write to me when she feels like she needs to..

the little dear spending some mommy time at Udders :)
Thanks for dropping by !!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

In the Nook !

I've been having meself some quality time in my nook, and this is what I've come up with :)

this now graces the wall where my little me space is :)
So happy to play with Imaginisce chipboard stickers, glitter, pearls, trinkets and blooms. Aren't those birdies just adorable ?

 And I did this too...

Nice ???? The new American Crafts 'Hello Sunshine' and Pebbles 'Ever After' collections - totally yummy i tell u ! Just arrived at Scraplicious .. better go grab before they fly off the shelves !

Played with chalk inks to create that soft pastel background using white cardstock, and finally broke my new Tim Holtz rosette die used here with the American Craft paper and stickers.

Happy !