Friday, January 30, 2009

Looking up :)

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for your care and love after my last post, your comments, smses and emails were really what kept me afloat and i'm so so touched and overwhelmed - every single one means so much to me. thank you.

It was a rather quiet Lunar New Year for us, but no less warm and fuzzy. Lots of hanging out with family, exchanging 'hong baos' and the girls just had a blast. Needless to say, they are both coughing now, and R even ran a fever on Day 1 of CNY from too much snacking :)

No pix though of our CNY outfits, cos' hubby said i looked "too much" when i emerged in my resplendent white cheongsum. So of course i had to sulk at him the rest of the day and refused to take any pictures :P LOL !

Luckily we made up and he & I managed to steal some time together to catch Red Cliff 2 at the cinemas on the first night of CNY, while my sisters baby-sat the girls. So thankful for all these small blessings and this pix of them (in their slumber party ditzy) is a wonderful reminder for years to come.

For those of you who haven't watched Red Cliff - GO WATCH !!!! It is simply awesome - rent the first part from the DVD store and catch Red Cliff 2 at the cinemas ! I am ashamed to say i knew peanuts about Chinese history but I was so inspired to read all about it after catching it. The movie depicts a period during the last emporer of the Han Dynasty and the wars fought to conquer lands between the ambitious Prime Minister Cao Cao, and various feudal lords. Lots of eye candy for those of you who like Tony Leung and Lin Chiling :P

Also *muack* to Sheri and Jaz for these awards.... you gals are really too awesome for words....

Last but not least, I was tagged by Jackie So I thought I should play along! This is how it works:

1. Go to the section of your computer where you store all of your photos.

2. Select the 6th folder.

3. Select the 6th photo from that folder.

4. Post and explain about that picture.

5. Tag 6 other people.

Here's what came out ! And my is this awesome ! It was a wonderful day at the park with a dear friend and her girls. C and Nid hit it off right away .... check them out .... awwwww.. how sweeet!!

So here's the lucky 6 if you'd like to play along .......
1) Sasha
2) Jaz
3) Irene aka blue banana
4) Jane
5) Ling
6) Shirley

It's also my turn at the NBKS blog and i've posted this.... hop on over for the details ! go on.. u know u want to ;P

Thanks all for dropping by .. have a great weekend ahead :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

roller coaster

Hey all,
sorry for the silence. It's been a horrible week for me - one of those you just want to disappear under the covers and not appear for a while, but since that's certainly not an option, you trudge on.

I've experienced deep sadness, anger and plain confusion over the bizarre ways of the world. Yet, through it all, i am so grateful for the love of my family - the wonderful support and steadfastness of hubby, without whom i wouldn't know how to deal with the circumstances; and my girls, who have been mature beyond belief and deserve a medal for their good behavior and for bringing me so much joy and comfort. I appreciate them oh so much...

Needless to say, it's been zero on the scrapping front :( sigh... so want to get into it, but no mood...

To my friends who were there for me, listening to me rant and tear, thank you thank you thank you. The worst is over and i'm on the mend - smiling and happy again. After all, it is the Lunar New Year in 2 days !! It's gonna be a tornado around here in the coming weeks - but it's all good :)

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my Chinese friends !!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Altered fabric boxes

Finally some 'me' time to post !

It's been crazy in the house and the girls (and me) are getting into the swing of school and 'homework' ! And we're managing to sneak in those precious evenings biking and blading at the beach too !

On the scrapping front, it's been cool and soooo need to ramp it up a notch.

Here are some altered fabric boxes for knick-knacks that were done over the festive season - in slightly different styles to suit the recipients. They're showcased on the NBKS blog :)

Just love MME's glittered Laundry Line collection which takes centerstage here. Some lace and metal for contrast and interest and a scattering of bits from Hambly, Websters, and Sassafras Lass to complete the do !

This one is just blinga-licious :)
Stuck with black and green but couldn't resist that dash of pink. Felt, trims and pom poms for that touchy feely effect :)

Thanks for dropping by ! Have a fabulous weekend everyone !

Monday, January 12, 2009

a "NEW" contest by NBKS

Never Been Kissed Scrappers is on the lookout for new, unpublished creative talent. Starting the year off, January's contest is all about creating a Layout of something "new" - a new baby, a new gift, New Year's resolutions - it's totally up to you.

Simply create the layout and e-mail it to by January 31st at midnight (MST). The design team will look at all the entries and vote on their favorite. The winner will be announced by February 7th and will receive a wonderful package of goodies AND would be featured on the NBKS website !!!

I look forward to seeing all those wonderful entries !!

Friday, January 9, 2009

altered "dim sum" toiletries box

Wooohooo, my very first post at NBKS is up !! I really am inspired by Jana's idea of this site to give scrappers out there who may be just starting out, or those who have not yet been recognised by the larger scrapping community, or who choose to be more closet scrappers, a showcase to be seen and feel comfortable in. I feel really privileged to be part of its growth.

And this is what i shared.... really looks like a 'dim sum' (dim sums are chinese delicacies often served in small portions) container, doesn't it ?

This was a commissioned gift for a friend who was moving into a new home.... I heard that she was so tired from the shift that day, she decided to take a break. She sat down, spied this wrapped gift in a corner and decided to open it then, and it just made her day !! I am so heartened and so glad i played a part in making that moment.... for me, that's really what's so meaningful about scrapping ...

Like what u see ???? then you've got to trot over to NBKS for the close ups ....
and remember to leave some love while you're there !
Yeah !!! It's the weekend and i survived the first school week !
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 pocket diary

A dear friend of mine passed me a pocket diary - just what i needed - essentially to keep track of my tasks and engagements. However couldn't stand how 'elegant' it looked so had to go alter it !

I used tags, my fav beaded flower brad and birdie charm that i had been hoarding for yonks ! The paper clip was added to allow me to attach little bits of lists or receipts within. Notice how everything i do just have to have something dangling lately... haha... fetishes..

.. shall see how long this will survive inside my handbag... :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Loot to win !

There's a challenge going on over at NBKS - click HERE to enter and stand a chance to win !! All you have to do is post a LO with something lined and something stamped ! Entries close Jan 18th.

As for me, i'm buried... deep in fatigue ! And it's just the 3rd day of school. TOO used to the pace of holidays ! Oh well, it will be a harried few months for me.... need to destress, and the fingers are itching....i must hit the scrap table and get something done tonight !

check back soon !

Sunday, January 4, 2009


A simple frame prettied up as a gift with lotsa bling :)

and a close up ...
Aargh... it's gonna be the start of a school week tomorrow after 8 weeks of bliss ! The routine of starting at 545am and ferrying the kids to and from all their various classes is not appealing. It's gonna be a packed week but i'm all set :P

Thanks for dropping by !

Friday, January 2, 2009

the way you were today...

i wanted to remember the girls on the first day of 2009...
what they wore, what they argued and laughed about.

It has been an amazing trip over the last year watching them bond, and their tiffs are simply hilarious. Today they had a fight that 'Joe Jonas' (a star in 'Camp Rock') had agreed to come to C's party and not R's (????) - and they did this all via their barbie doll cellphones !!!

Here's what i did based on sketch #6 over at Inspired Blueprints ... check out the steal of the butterfly bling i got from a flea market in Bangkok :P

Thursday, January 1, 2009

January Kits - Apron Strings Designs

A holler that the Jan kits are live and they are YUMMY ! They boast Basic Grey, Bo Bunny, Pink Paislee and Fancy Pants and K &CO bellies - need i say more ??!!

The kits come in 2 sizes. Check out the smaller kit here and the larger one HERE. Get on it gals - they are fast disappearing ... :)

Welcome 2009

I've been reflective ushering in the new year....

My mood muted by the relationship woes of loved ones around me and i'm reminded once again by the fragility of the relationship between couples. It certainly is trying especially when one is trying to bring up young kids and tensions seem to pull in every direction. Although we often remind ourselves not to take each other for granted, sometimes, we (at least I) don't realise just how much effort and thought it may need, to actually do so.

I'm glad we've weathered our own storms in our nearly 2 decades together and hubby and I took this trip on our own. The time alone was great for re-connecting, being silly, and remembering what it was, the charm that pulled us together in the first place. I'm touched, blessed, and thankful for what i've got.

2009 for us would likely be an exciting and challenging one. My wish is for us to continue to take me and hubby steadfastly and happily on our journey together, and for us to bond even more as a family.

On this note of love, here's leaving you with a layout for a friend that i completed today...

Hope you've had a swell start to the year....