Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome 2010 !!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone !!

We've been on the road travelling all the way from sunny Florida up to snowy Niagara Falls over the past 2 weeks ! It's been great ! Miss my comp time and all my virtual friends :)  Promise will share pix soon.

But first, our warmest wishes to everyone for a fulfilling year ahead, where you go after all your hearts' desires !!  And along that line, here's a layout on about lil' Faye who's simply blossomed the past year, who a tenacity and spunk that's totally refreshing :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ahhhh... what fun !

Put together a load of beautiful pix from our recent trip, fresh bling from the recent scrapbook expo in Tampa, and gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous kits from Blue Moon Scrapbooking - what do you get ?   PLAYTIME with beautiful outputs to boot !

My first try at a 6x12inch LO - and i think i am hooked :) 

some close ups ...

Then i copped out (heh!!) cos it opens into a more conventional 12X12 layout
of my 2 fav shots of the girls from Colorado ..

used some tissue paper here... and lots of Websters pages :) 

Think i went overboard with the bling and sparkles and the insects
but oh well, think i'm allowed !
thanks for dropping by !

Apron Strings Dec 09

Yeah !! It's the holiday season :)  

My first Christmas other than sweltering 30 degree Celcius heat, so I've been lapping up the holiday deals and stocking up on the gorgeous sweaters for the kids and me !

And it's sooo great to be scrapping again after the break down in Colorado. Here are some LOs done for Apron Strings Designs. Sadly, this will be my last month with them after a fabulous year. Thanks LORI, for everything *muack !!*

More scrappy goodness coming up !