Friday, June 27, 2008

Book Sales

Just a quick post on some of the good book deals around ! Check them out this weekend !

Borders :- download coupons here. They offer 30% off if u get 3 books and 20% for 2 books. Also, check out their recommended reads for children in the link above.

Books Warehouse Sale at Expo (hall 6) - not great but certainly some good steals if you have the patience to go through the heaps. Kids activity books for $2, board books from $3, and adult fiction books from $6. They end on the 29th Jun 08.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kids Dentist

Sometimes we really do underestimate our kids don't we ? I was wringing my hands, shuffling my feet, deciding whether to stay in the room or not, as she looked expectantly at me, during her recent visit to the Dentist.

What a brave soul she was ! But wait. I think it was the button she was asked to press to operate the chair, and the Cartoon that played on the ceiling that really stopped those tears. It made her feel important. With "Little Einsteins" for company on the ceiling, what could ever go wrong ? Big Jie Jie was also asked if she wanted to help be an assistant, and put on gloves and goggles like Mr Dentist ! What a treat ! But my shy No.1 politely declined... haiz...

With a smile, No. 2 hopped on - this tiny, minute being, onto a chair that dwarfed her. Of course, large credit goes to my really suave, sweet dentist who saved all the big grins for C, and the stern warning for mommy - "you need to brush her teeth more thoroughly" he says - while i was hoping for reactions to be more the other way around !

You can check out Smile.Inc at Forum for such wonderful child-centered service !

Age Gap matters ?

It is rare that the 3 of us actually get together. In fact can't quite remember when was the last time, it happened. The fantastic thing is - we get along really well, even though i am nearly 6 yrs apart from my second sister, and 9 yrs from my youngest.

Ok, i play the role of the nag growing up, and often had to be the responsible elder one - which on hindsight, must've been such a bugbear to ALL around me. Yet, more than 2 decades on, everything equalizes and we share clothes, quips about work, men and kids - like friends do.

So when one fusses over which is the best age gap to plan for 2nd and 3rd kiddees, does it really matter ? And for whom ? I'm slowly wondering if really, the age gap factor is not for selfish reasons, so kiddees with more similar/closer ages can then entertain and play with each other, leaving moms and dads free for other pursuits. Is it not ?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Award Winning Kiddee Books

Heard of the Caldecott Medal and Newberry Medals ? These are awarded for children's books with outstanding illustrations (Caldecott) and for literary excellence (Newberry). There are of course other awards but these are the most recognisable. Do look out for them in the book shops and libraries as they are, of course, excellent.

You can check out the list of "Notable Children's Books" provided by the American Library Association, which lists the award winners year on year.

Don't dismiss other non awardees but equally smashing reads though. I recently picked up "Room on a Broom" (Julia Donaldson) and "Animals should definitely not wear clothing" (Judi Barrett and Ron Barrett). They are SO SO Good !! The rhyme in "Room on a Broom" is to die for and has an underlying theme of generosity, while the other - "Animals should definitely not wear clothing" has simple prose, but the illustrations are just hilarious !

Have fun reading with your kids !

Hip Hop Trial Class

C and her friends went for a hip hop trial class today at Jitterbugs, and boy did they have fun ! Check out the action - modules included head banging 101, knee bopping, and rhythmic hopping - slouching and intense gazing were not encouraged, but supported since hip hop was all about ATTITUDE !!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day Album

A mini album commissioned by a dear friend for her husband. Hope they loved it :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Holidays and Kids

Fresh from our holiday, we reflected... And we concluded, that no matter how troublesome, how small the kids were, and the hassle of taking care of them single-handedly, OR how poor we may be, we would try our best to take at least ONE good holiday a year.

As my insightful husband pointed out, really how many trips could we have with the kids in their lifetime ? - Where they would, heart and soul, be totally with us - Carefree, and enjoying every moment, just being with mommy and papa (as our girls call us).

In pragmatic stress-laden Singapore, soon the pressures of academic school-work and growing up pangs where the inevitable "friends before parents" would dawn. And we are left with each other.... happy and content in the knowledge that we've enjoyed and cherished all the moments we've had with them in their childhood :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gift of giving

That's just why i love scrap-booking. Not only is it fun and meaningful, gifts such as these can be so heartwarming for both the receiver and giver.
This was recently commissioned by a friend and I altered a cheese-board for display. The recipient was so happy with it, it just made all the effort put into it worthwhile. I'm blessed :)

Life is...

Hey there friends,
So sorry for the absence, but you see... was busy strolling on the beach, running into waves, playing and gazing at stars "Down Under" !

Here's more of all we've been up to on the Sunshine Coast where we were for a week, and then drove down to the Gold Coast for a couple of days.

The house was simply heavenly with 3 floors plus roof deck and 4 bedrooms (which we used all of 2). It's also beautifully furnished and comes highly recommended for those thinking of taking a trip !
We were totally laid back and having seen all the sights we needed to see previously, we were just happy to chill in the house, play games, and bond. The girls were also wonderfully behaved and became so close, learning to entertain and play together a lot more.
It was magical. Yes, i had to do the laundry, cook dinner and attend to the girls, but it's never been so satisfying. Maybe it's the weather... it just doesn't get you so grouchy. But more, i believe, because we are reminded what life really can be and what really matters. And of cos' we then resolve to be more single-minded in not letting the tiny things get to us, as we get caught back up in the hustle of our routines. At least, that's my resolve... So whilst we are slowly churning the wheels back into motion as the new school term starts, i will try - really try, to be a better mommy - more patient with my girls : )