Monday, June 16, 2008

Holidays and Kids

Fresh from our holiday, we reflected... And we concluded, that no matter how troublesome, how small the kids were, and the hassle of taking care of them single-handedly, OR how poor we may be, we would try our best to take at least ONE good holiday a year.

As my insightful husband pointed out, really how many trips could we have with the kids in their lifetime ? - Where they would, heart and soul, be totally with us - Carefree, and enjoying every moment, just being with mommy and papa (as our girls call us).

In pragmatic stress-laden Singapore, soon the pressures of academic school-work and growing up pangs where the inevitable "friends before parents" would dawn. And we are left with each other.... happy and content in the knowledge that we've enjoyed and cherished all the moments we've had with them in their childhood :)


Edleen said...

Hi! just dropping in to say Hello and Wow! love your scrapbooks and projects :)

and you've got Beautiful kids!
and truly agree with you, one Good Holiday a year with the kids while they're young no matter how hassle~y it may be, as long as we have Fun as a Family! :)

Louisa May said...

Hey there !
Thanks so much for dropping in and for your compliments ! So nice to meet new pals virtually ! Love the flower you have on your hair !! :)


LZmommy said...
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LZmommy said...

How true! Treasure the moments we have with our kids :)

Saw your holiday pics :) Looks like another great holiday you had :)