Friday, June 20, 2008

Award Winning Kiddee Books

Heard of the Caldecott Medal and Newberry Medals ? These are awarded for children's books with outstanding illustrations (Caldecott) and for literary excellence (Newberry). There are of course other awards but these are the most recognisable. Do look out for them in the book shops and libraries as they are, of course, excellent.

You can check out the list of "Notable Children's Books" provided by the American Library Association, which lists the award winners year on year.

Don't dismiss other non awardees but equally smashing reads though. I recently picked up "Room on a Broom" (Julia Donaldson) and "Animals should definitely not wear clothing" (Judi Barrett and Ron Barrett). They are SO SO Good !! The rhyme in "Room on a Broom" is to die for and has an underlying theme of generosity, while the other - "Animals should definitely not wear clothing" has simple prose, but the illustrations are just hilarious !

Have fun reading with your kids !


Melissa said...

My 6 yr. old loves the A-Z mysteries, a series of books for young readers. I'm hoping one day he can read them all on his own without any help.

Louisa May said...

Hey Melissa, I think it's so wonderful you are reading aloud to your kid :) It's a wonderful way to bond, i feel, and my daughter at 7, although is able to read fluently still wants me to read to her :P
So keep it up ! I believe children grow to become more confident independent readers when they enjoy reading with their parents :)

LZmommy said...

Hi Louisa

I went Borders the other day and I can't find some of the books :(

If you do go books hunting, can you please help me get the "Room on a Broom" (Julia Donaldson) and other series from Magic school bus? Thanks :)