Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kids Dentist

Sometimes we really do underestimate our kids don't we ? I was wringing my hands, shuffling my feet, deciding whether to stay in the room or not, as she looked expectantly at me, during her recent visit to the Dentist.

What a brave soul she was ! But wait. I think it was the button she was asked to press to operate the chair, and the Cartoon that played on the ceiling that really stopped those tears. It made her feel important. With "Little Einsteins" for company on the ceiling, what could ever go wrong ? Big Jie Jie was also asked if she wanted to help be an assistant, and put on gloves and goggles like Mr Dentist ! What a treat ! But my shy No.1 politely declined... haiz...

With a smile, No. 2 hopped on - this tiny, minute being, onto a chair that dwarfed her. Of course, large credit goes to my really suave, sweet dentist who saved all the big grins for C, and the stern warning for mommy - "you need to brush her teeth more thoroughly" he says - while i was hoping for reactions to be more the other way around !

You can check out Smile.Inc at Forum for such wonderful child-centered service !


jazsutra said...

Lou,very interesting blog u have wif warm stories to tell!...and YES,your gal is so so totally brave!!!
and look at the gorgeous photos taken with yr sisters! you all are so pretty!!!

Enchanted By Scraps said...

Hey babe! Was just reading your very amusing account of The Dentist visit. Hahaha! I think I'll bring my son there just to watch his reaction. But dont think so he is scared la!

Rachel said...

*clap clap* That's very brave of her!