Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Age Gap matters ?

It is rare that the 3 of us actually get together. In fact can't quite remember when was the last time, it happened. The fantastic thing is - we get along really well, even though i am nearly 6 yrs apart from my second sister, and 9 yrs from my youngest.

Ok, i play the role of the nag growing up, and often had to be the responsible elder one - which on hindsight, must've been such a bugbear to ALL around me. Yet, more than 2 decades on, everything equalizes and we share clothes, quips about work, men and kids - like friends do.

So when one fusses over which is the best age gap to plan for 2nd and 3rd kiddees, does it really matter ? And for whom ? I'm slowly wondering if really, the age gap factor is not for selfish reasons, so kiddees with more similar/closer ages can then entertain and play with each other, leaving moms and dads free for other pursuits. Is it not ?


Sonia Joy said...

WE ALL LOOK GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Germaine-Jun said...

no matter time or place.....seems like we picked up easily from where we left off or possibly 'UP' it to a greater level...