Sunday, June 15, 2008

Life is...

Hey there friends,
So sorry for the absence, but you see... was busy strolling on the beach, running into waves, playing and gazing at stars "Down Under" !

Here's more of all we've been up to on the Sunshine Coast where we were for a week, and then drove down to the Gold Coast for a couple of days.

The house was simply heavenly with 3 floors plus roof deck and 4 bedrooms (which we used all of 2). It's also beautifully furnished and comes highly recommended for those thinking of taking a trip !
We were totally laid back and having seen all the sights we needed to see previously, we were just happy to chill in the house, play games, and bond. The girls were also wonderfully behaved and became so close, learning to entertain and play together a lot more.
It was magical. Yes, i had to do the laundry, cook dinner and attend to the girls, but it's never been so satisfying. Maybe it's the weather... it just doesn't get you so grouchy. But more, i believe, because we are reminded what life really can be and what really matters. And of cos' we then resolve to be more single-minded in not letting the tiny things get to us, as we get caught back up in the hustle of our routines. At least, that's my resolve... So whilst we are slowly churning the wheels back into motion as the new school term starts, i will try - really try, to be a better mommy - more patient with my girls : )

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