Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Exactly ! this slip from blog world - tsk tsk tsk ..... inexcusable !!!

So no excuses. Simply a perfect reasoning of the ol' fashioned whirlwind of life mangled by long road trips, lots and lots of travelling, packing, unpacking and tons of stress. Luckily this was balanced by mesmerizing views , delighted kids, and (mostly) happy ME.

How not to be when its the Grand Canyon/ Monument Valley and Las Vegas we are talking about !

A childhood dream come true, it's wonderful seeing the girls lap it up too as they took in this view and 'sweated' in their bid to become Junior Rangers of the Grand Canyon National Park.

(Girls taking their ranger pledge)

Then there's Monument Valley - intensely spiritual, with its many mesas and buttes carved solely by nature's forces. The mammoth rock structures are deeply captivating particularly at sunset, especially when one is privileged to witness the peeking of the moon behind the crimson plateau across the desert

And some scrappy goodness to share too ! Just love how this wonderful hobby enables that release from the craziness of life. And better yet, a meaningful way to make someone else extremely happy too !

Here's a mini-album i did for my friend's mom's birthday ...

And one of C who is just soooooo grown up already - i want my baby back *wail * !!!

Almost Five