Monday, February 16, 2009

a big move... soon...

Hey Everyone !

I've finally come out from my hole !! LOL !

It's official - we are moving to California in a few weeks and counting down !!
All i've done the last 2 weeks is sort, pack, cry and pack some more !! Yikes !! And all the logistical heartwrenching stuff of informing the schools, talking to teachers, looking for a rental place in the US, and dealing with our 'assets' here ;P I'm already emotionally and physically sapped.

The kids are excited and not at the same time. And it's just so tough pulling them away from their cozy nest, and i feel guilty all the time. Had decided to home-school the girls too while we are there, and in the midst of my anxieties, am beginning to feel quite sorry for them that they'd be stuck with me 24/7 - Seriously, how can i compare with their professionally trained teachers and quirky ultra cute peers ??!!

I'm trying to keep my spirits up, and my friends (u know who u are ;P) have just been wonderful and so supportive as i vascillate between hyper-anxiety, stress, sadness and cold feet as i'm so going to miss everyone ever so much. But guess i must set a good example for the girls and embrace change ! So shall be positive and SMILE ! Guess it's hard for my friends too putting on a smile knowing we are parting soon... but oh well, we'll be back and right in your face! Make sure you keep me updated on what's going on in your life too and COMMENT, not just stalk my blog !! Really that's going to be what's gonna keep me sane, well, at least til i find my footing and hopefully make some new friends ;p

To my overseas pals - woohoo ! Finally, the same time zone soon ! And i can actually participate in crops and chats and more sane hours :)

More updates and hopefully some scrapping soon...