Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's 2012

Yes, 2 weeks and more along and am already breathless.
The routines have and will continue to be punishing but will no doubt have to keep the spirits up and have a blast.

It's been a big year - 2011. Thanks for the memories. Mostly glad for this guy who's changed all our lives...

2012, hopefully is one of a slower pace to consolidate, reinforce and reinvigorate.

On the scrappy front, I've started Project Life 2012. SO HAPPY as it'll be back to doing what I love most - capturing the stories and memories first, and the aesthetics second.

While the artistic creative bit is fun, there is at times too much pressure to make it more complicated than necessary to show that a piece is worth its salt. This year, I hope to take it easier, with projects that pare it down, and let the pictures and journaling speak for themselves.

Will be back soon with an update on how Project Life is going thus far.
Til then, here's wishing all of you who celebrate - a prosperous Lunar New Year !!