Monday, April 27, 2009

swine flu..

hey everyone,
thanks for all the concern expressed and messages sent. It is really quite scary listening to the reports given that we are only 20min from the border of Mexico. We are taking care and avoiding all crowded areas, and we have also stopped cooking and consuming pork - just to be on safe side. Thank goodness too the girls don't go to school, and all we do nowadays is hit the fresh open areas like nature parks ... so we are keeping safe. Don't worry ya...



jazsutra said...

Thanks for your call the other day Lou.How time flies and glad to hear that ure settling down nicely with the kiddos and all. Have fun while you're there and YES do takecare with the pandemic going ard.and how fun! If u see the dolphins again,pls say HI for me ya teehee. Chat again friend-jaz

scrap-myself-silly said...

Dearie ... take care of urself and the gals. Stay safe.


Rachel said...

glad to know you are safe. take care