Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Layouts !

I've been feeling moody the past few days .... guess the initial thrills have passed and the homesickness has taken its toll ... i miss my sisters, my friends and all the girly chats, giggles and sighs that used to surround me .. ;P

oh well, so i declared yesterday a school holiday !!! And just brooded and scrapped !! I had stocked up on some stash over the weekend and had tons of pix just calling to be glued to paper !! What's a gal to do :) !

My new K&Co album that i picked up at Michaels (a huge craft chain store in the US) as it was on SALE !
"Hello San Diego"
Had to document that very first day of our chilly walk
down the promenade, immediately upon our arrival
and the girls totally elated to be with Papa ..

"O sweet Nature - La Jolla"
must be my favourite of the set.
loved how all the elements
(from Scarlet Lime's Apr kit) played out !

"Torrey Pines"
Played along with Inspired Blueprints Sketch #15

"Grow ! Beautiful..."
Wanted to capture Little C's growing independence
and precociousness since arriving here and having to do much on her own.
This gal certainly has some personality - her sweet looks fool us all !!

"Love Blooms in Happy Hearts"
Certainly, when all we've been doing is PLAY !!!

R is sooooo thankful she's not home preparing for exams !! I fear what would happen when we get back :p oh well .... guess there's no price on memories and experience, so i gotta loosen up and not get too uptight on the academics ... remind me ya, if i forget again ...

But we hit the books today and R covered "Length" - they both had "ting xie" (yup little C too), and C was introduced to addition ... so we hopefully made up for yesterday.

They took their blades out for a christening today too after making me lug it all the way from SGP in one entire suitcase.

All in all... a happier day ...
thanks for dropping by y'all !!

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~Sasha Farina~ said...

you're on a roll eh babe? I miss you too. Now got no kaki to yak at Old Town :D *hugs*