Monday, April 13, 2009

Getting homey

See what came in the post for me !!! Dear P sent these to brighten up my spartan home, and boy have they made a difference to my morning ! Really love those cheery orange and blue coffee mugs, and the quotes on these .... sooooooo cute !!! I alternate between the orange and blue mugs each morning (hubby does not get privilege of using them ;P ) and plates are safe in their boxes til an occasion calls for it. Shall sooo hand carry these back and pray they will survive air turbulence ;P .... Thanks so much, dearie !

Am somewhat enjoying the daily preparation of meals and can whip up simple udon meals for lunch, and stews for dinner. Want to see ??? k, i must remember to take fotos the next time.

R has been enjoying helping in the kitchen too (when she's up to it, and mei-mei is sensibly occupied)

and just today she said to me when i asked if she preferred the time when we had a helper, or now - without one, she said "No need what, mommy cos' we are a family. With a help, we must get used to them, and you must teach them. Just need to get Papa to buy a dishwasher !!" hahaha - how sensible is that ??!!! And yes, the dishwasher is simply heaven ! I just figured out how to use it a week ago and got all the specific detergents - and now can't imagine doing without ! It saves at least half an hour after dinner, time which i have now used to giving the kids longer slots for bedtime reading. Just excellent.

And this little one, is just growing up so quickly.

She seems to somehow have grown up overnight, here. She has now discovered the joys of Banana and Grapes (she used to just take papaya and apples) and has tried strawberries tho' not quite a fan yet. And will now eat whatever i put in front of her without fuss - a huge achievement. A precocious little fella, she's just such a joy to have around - and it's wonderful to see the girls playing so well and getting really close.

Hope everyone had a great Easter !

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Genesis said...

Gosh I love this post! Am SO going to order one set of those cups/plates for Dbr when it's ready. And the kids look fab over there. So nice to see R in the kitchen and C looking so happy. Well done Lou!!