Monday, April 20, 2009

First taste of snow !

Already mid-April, but we took a chance on the last weekend of the ski season and managed to catch the last vestiges of snow this past weekend.

Big bear mountain - a 3hr drive away from where we are
Can anything else match these gleeful faces ?!!
Oh yes, maybe the fact that they realised snow isn't really as white and powdery as it looks from afar, and can in fact be so icy it's painful !

We did the alpine slide where you sit on a rubber tyre and slid down the slope. It was soo soooo fun although our bums got all wet and our hats got blown off in the wind ! Well, guess it was the only thing we non-skiers could do in a ski resort. We couldn't even take the ski lift as it was only open to skiers :(

So what else could we do - we went on the pony, and visited the zoo - touristy stuff nothing much to shout about (at least for me...)

(the paw of the grizzly - a resident of the zoo)

(the American Bald Eagle)

(the North American Bison - known commonly as the 'buffalo' - now endangered)

But the highlight is surely the cozy log cabin we booked.

Very tiny but comfortable enough with a pine tree in our backyard that shed pine cones the size of durians, and a braying donkey in our neighbour's house across the road that kept me awake all night !!!

Leaving u with my fav shot of R. Hope your weekend was good !! Thanks for dropping by friends... Now back to the grind and school we go....

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