Tuesday, July 1, 2008

a Journey Together (anniversary mini album)

We recently celebrated our anniversary of more than a decade, and my did we congratulate ourselves on a job well done !!

To me, anniversaries are so much more in need of celebrating as compared to birthdays, mothers' day or fathers' day. Making a marriage work, and work well, is so much hard work ! And to date, i don't think we can claim we've got the formula right. While many would say it is all about giving, i feel that one can only give so much, and at some point, that buried tinge of resentment could surface like a volcano and explode in all messiness right up our alley.

Yes, we've hit rock bottom on that account, and it is only now, so many years on, with 2 kiddos in tow, that i feel a certain serenity and quiet confidence in our marriage, a relationship i know that will stand the test in whatever is strewn our way, one that has deep seated respect such that whatever the disagreements - no matter how sensitive, we know we can sort out (in time, with some sulking in between), and most importantly, one that is founded on a certain fondness and chemistry that i never thought could exist after so many years together, but that unequivocally does.

And it is this that will guide us through our coming years and ride whatever mega blow-ups we most certainly would have.

I made a little anniversary album as a momento tracing our journey together from singlehood, to being a couple, and then having No.1, and No. 2. Guess i'll have to add more pages, if no. 3 ever comes along ! haha ! Enjoy, and thanks for looking : )


Germaine-Jun said...

'marriage...everyday is an effort' these wise words from a conversation a long time ago are etched in my mind (not many things stay in there considering my goldfish memory)....

congrats sis and kor...*sniff sniff*

LZmommy said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

Well said and that's a lovely 'gift' for yourselves. :)

Rachel said...

Happy Anniversary!

so touching...and beautiful album you got there!

LZmommy said...

Hi Louisa

I have an AWARD for you :)