Thursday, July 31, 2008

Supposedly hitched @ 3

Finally! My feeble attempt to experiment with paint and get back into the grove to scrap after months and months of not doing any layouts for myself !

This one details my little girl's absolutely cute and hilarious 'relationship' with her friend. They've 'decided' they will marry, but recently had a tiff and cancelled their 'marriage-ment' as they called it. They've since made up of course !
How can I not capture this precious story ??!!

Journaling reads:
"You two met in Nursery 1 @ the tender age of 2+ and hit if off straight away. Ash, the ever amorous one, is always sneaking a peck and holding your hand. Discounting the little squabble over the venue of your Wedding (HE wanted a treehouse event; SHE, one in a hot-air balloon), you two have been the best of pals and I hope this friendship would last a lifetime !! "

This picture was taken on a playdate to Lilliputt on HIS birthday :)


Busybugz said...

Too cute! My son also has a "girlfriend" at his school. He keeps mentioning her name all the time! :)

Rachel said...

That's just so sweet! I'm sure it will bring back fond memories when she read it next time...

GAP said...

Lou, this is absolutely priceless!

jazsutra said...

BEAUTIFUL PAGE Lou!great work with the paint and dax too farny!tfs!yes,im back with my laptop!!!!thou itz still abt sum-ting-tong!c ya thurs;)