Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bento Stash

My entire stash of bento boxes, belts, food picks, food shapers, disposable and silicon containers, and utensils.

Close-ups of the bento box belts, food picks, super-cute utensils, and even star/flower shaped sauce bottles !
The various disposable and silicon containers which would hold the food in the bento boxes

It's official - i've become a 'bento' convert. For the clueless few, bento is essentially packaging food to the level of an 'artform'. I've decided that i would TRY really hard. My excuse is that my P1 daughter only eats from the same stall every day, so why not get some fun out of preparing food for her. The real reason of cos' is the fact that i couldn't resist all these cute cute cute stuff from Daiso ! All at $2 apiece ONLY. And so i just Grabbed - and didn't realise this could still cost me a small fortune :P Guess the Japs really know how to package their products for gullible consumers like me. Now that the fun of shopping is over - i've got to get down to actually preparing the food :) Stay tuned !


LZmommy said...

Hahaha.... You have been 'infected' too! Looking forward to your bento posts :)

Rachel said...

hahaha..welcome aboard : )

can't wait to see your creation!

btw, the actual cost of most stuff there is only JPY39 which is eq to SGD0.59!!!! So they make a huge profit of $1.50 per item leh!