Friday, July 25, 2008

Old at Four

It was C's sports day today - and i witnessed undeniably the sheer delight of independence. This, for some reason, put me in a reflective mood.

A year ago, C clung to me like a koala, and I had to participate with her in all the various games. Today, she had such a blast ! From the warm up exercise with all the bootie-shaking done with aplomp and accompanied by the huge grin on her face; to the serious concentration of making sure the ping pong ball did not fall off the spoon, or the bean bag from her head - she was so into it all ! Making sure she did what she had to, with nary a worry whether mommy was around.

I guess i should be glad she's got here. Steady, independent, and capable of enjoying the deal of the day. Perhaps, i should even give myself a pat on the back that i had played a part in nurturing this growth towards greater maturity. Yet, a part of my heart just ached. Haiz, they all grow up far too soon. I thought i did spend most of my waking and sleeping moments (yes, C still sneaks into my bed at unearthly hours like 2am) with her, yet i can't seem to remember all of it, and in a blink, she's all grown.

For me, this realisation was a bitter sweet moment. In a couple of months, C will turn 4 and to be honest, i'm not looking forward to it. It's like an empty-nest syndrome that has come too soon. I can only take heart in the knowledge that i was there through her growing moments, and i can continue to savour the more challenging (and no doubt as heartwarming) years to come :P

here's the cute warm-up boogie that the kids did to open the Sports Day. Enjoy !

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Rachel said...

sad to say..our little one grew up so fast..too fast for us to fully appreciate their dependent moments on us...

know how u feel..I felt the same way too when my girls don't need my "help" any more for certain things...