Monday, July 7, 2008

the New Explorer Kids @ Downtown East

For those of you who have been to the older Xplorer Kids, this new one - housed in the new building just next to the multi-storey carpark at Downtown East, is triple the size. It comes complete with the mega-play area - which is really the main maze-and-slide contraption -; new gated (ie. you have to pay to get in) areas, a rock climbing wall, a cafe and even a skating rink.

But it was such a ripoff !! $22 to be exact - per child for 1 hour !! The place seemed to meet everyone's needs - toddlers, grandparents - there was a gated area filled with massage chairs for those with aching muscles to lounge, and an internet area and cafe for us from the age of 'wireless' dependents. All of course came with a price. Other 'fun' stuff included a 'tree-top' adventure walk (for those more than 1.2m tall), where they actually harness you so you are walking on rope-bridges about 2m off the ground. Again, this costs like $5.50 for one circuit.

It would thus make sense to purchase the membership for each kid, wherein you fork out a flat $8.50 which caters til the kid turns 12yrs, and then just pay $11 everytime you come to play. And pay some more if you decide to enter any of the gated zones.

To be honest, my kiddos had fun but were overwhelmed. By sheer size and the sheer crowd that started crashing in by 11am. So plan well, go on weekdays and early, and prep your kid to be brave - then take the plunge. It's probably worth a go.

Oh yes, not to mention all the eateries and cafes that fill this new complex to the brim that would likely meet every tastebud around!

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Ling That's Me said...


it's so expensive lor!!

GAP said...

The staff at Exp Kids told me the best time to visit (crowd free) is 6-8pm!