Saturday, July 19, 2008

my National Library book sale stash!

My wonderful productive morning !! All at $2 apiece !! This allowed me to pick up books that I won't usually buy if at full cost - like Mesopotamia, Ancient Rome, Rocks and Minerals - which was really awesome !! I felt slightly embarressed lugging a market trolley behind me. Then i saw this man with 2 large green trolley suitcases - And I felt loads better :)

Couldn't find that many good fiction books but nonetheless managed to get some really good ones like "Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel"; Roald Dahl's "Twits"; "Bread and Jam for Frances", "Wind in the Willows - a Treasury" and "Mole Music". The Malay recipe books for my wonderful Indonesian help, at $1 each was also such a steal !

I'm happy :)

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GAP said...

Such an adventure :) Was a lot of fun and now, I'm a convert. Next year we bring a bigger trolley ya.