Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So jetlagged !

Harro Harro !!

am still sooooo jetlagged. By noon i'm literally falling off my chair ! Today was the worst - i actually caught myself standing in front of the stove while preparing lunch, and waiting for the soup to boil and i was nodding off !!! hahaha !

Yea - have started to settle in and christianed my kitchen with some simple home cooked food. And amazingly EVERYTHING is available here !! There's a chinese supermarket, and i hear even a Jap one. There's even DAISO which i certainly plan on visiting... soon ! So all the Lee Kum Kee sauces and even packet Hainanese Chicken Rice mix is available ! Of cos' all at a price - but then, at least cravings can be satisfied.

House is still very bare but comfortable enough - and girls are just lapping up the experience. Today, I became the proud member of the Public Library too and gosh, you all must hear this.

There is NO LIMIT on the number of books you can borrow !! And R was like .."even up to a hundred, mommy ?" AND the range is just AMAZING ! The girls of cos' had a swell swell time. C couldn't even get past the 'B' shelf cos' there was just so many she wanted to get ! AND DVDs were just 50cents for a week - so really quite spoilt we're gonna be ;p Looks like that's going to be our regular haunt - well, that is once i'm confident enough to start driving !

Well just to show you some shots of how we are living - here's my spartan home.... kids' room is the nicest ;P And we actually have a real live fireplace which is at the moment indispensable cos' still freezing cold in mornings and evenings !

(the 'lame' sofa - in R's words, which we haven't yet got a cover for ;P )the kids' room - which is the nicest part of the entire house - courtesy of hubby's efforts ;P , and their linking vanity and ensuite bathroom.

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Rachel said...

you landed. how's Rachel coping there?