Saturday, March 28, 2009


Our first weekend together so Papa had to make up for all the time he spent away from girls and spent it on a High ! Took the girls to Legoland - and amazingly - every single exhibit is made from Lego blocks - some equipped with sounds and water fountains to boot ! From Bob the builder to Dar Vadar (erm correct spelling - Star Wars fans ?? But queue too long didn't manage pix :() to Fairy Tale characters like Hansel and Gretel, Snow WhiTe and fearless Knights

A specially taken shot of dino (for the boys out there and of cos' Ash.) This was the first exhibit right at the entrance and C had commanded that i take a pix of it :). Really these two - he's never far from her mind, and everything she does, she would say "ash, sure likes this !" or in her usual teasing tone "heh heh, ash can't see this :P ". But ya, she misses her best friend so ...

Finally, a family pic - courtesy of one of the staff there. The standards of service at these theme parks are really excellent beyond compare - but i guess, it's already all inputed in the price of the ticket !

There was so much to do, we hardly finished seeing them all. And the queues of cos were forever. Each ride took approx 45mins to get to - so lots of waiting and snacking in between.

And here's the highlight - VOLVO driving school !
So cool ! The girls were thrilled and after the passed through, they were actually given a drivers' license with their very own name and photo on it ! Here's C on her test drive ...

They refused to take their license off the rest of the trip, and wore their license everywhere ! Yup, that's it around their necks - in this next shot of miniUSA. This was a replica one of the casino precincts in Las Vegas (MGM i believe) ...

On to the other rides - Here's them on the "Beetle Bounce" - totally tickled and enjoying themselves.

They actually re-queued this ride 3 times, after which, R - being the 7 year old she is - had to declare - "hai.. it's so boring mommy" after the 3rd ride ... with arms akimbo - but nevertheless, that grin still on her face !
A whirring rescue copter - the fake one for us ... the real pilot was hiding under a tree somewhere taking this shot :P

And this one which C made me quere an hour for ! She went on this horse around the moat of a castle all on her own, with little monkeys (made of Lego blocks) and knights popping out here and there for interest along the way...

I still for the life of me don't understand why.. but Papa decided to splurge to have caricatures done of the girls !!! check this out....

In progress - C nods off, and nearly falls off her chair .... R just being R.... shifts and sulks on her seat ....)

At last -- TA -DA !!!
LURVE how he did R's "bo-geh" (missing front teeth!) !! umm which do you think looks more like them ???

Haha .. sorry about this pix laden post ! So here's leaving you a last one of C in front of a sea of flowers which we passed by and stopped to pose :) (R was... erm... tired... ;P ) Now how in the world am i going to get them to settle from such a HIGH for school this coming week ????!!!! umm... maybe another week off ??? think the teacher's getting cold-feet too :P !!!


~Sasha Farina~ said...

OMG.... I've missed you so! I actually passed by Old Town and teared up. *ssheeeshhh* Amazing photos, so mush happiness in them. Thanks for thinking of me, I'll take care of myself you know and thinking of you all the time. Miss you miss you miss you!

LZmommy said...

Lovely pics! Glad to see that you guys are enjoying yourself :)

Sorry I couldn't make it for your garage sale before you leave.

Blue Banana said...

OMG! I had missed out so much!
Amazing pictures! And I am glad you and your loved ones are settling fast! ;)