Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fun in the Sun !

A sunny warm day finally, we decided to hit the outdoors. The beach near us was just an immense span of unmeasurable powdery silver sands (i never realised this phrase to describe beaches actually existed until i walked on them today). With seagulls lurking nearby and SeaHawks (erm... that's the helicopter you see..) flying overhead it was an interesting mesh of the real world and the tranquil.

Living so close to an operational naval base with the sounds of whirring copters, frigate calls, and 'rounds' fired (during drills) almost second nature now, after 3 days here, just serves to remind me how real-life the US navy's work is and how dangerous the world can actually be to demand such intense training and operations.

Took the girls to the playground near our home yesterday. On the background you see the San Diego bridge which links us back to the main city. Guess their faces say it all :P

Hope all's well at home. I want Chicken Rice ! aarggghh...

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scrap-myself-silly said...

Happy to see you have begun settling in ! Missing you tonnes :)

Big hugggggggggggs to u and gals,