Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hello from San Diego !

It's 10.40pm here on Sunday night (already 1.40pm the next day for Singapore) and the girls are in bed, leaving me finally some respite ! So glad that i'm no single parent any more, and the girls seemed to suddenly remember they had daddy and kept asking for him all the way in the plane ride ! They were really quite well behaved on the flight, i must give due credit, eating and sleeping when they should, and discounting minor winching, were perfect little angels. Even nearby passengers stopped to smile and talk to them commenting on how independent they were. I'm pleased, but no less haressed !! As i struggled with my 3 carry on bags, 2 kids and 6 - 23kg each- luggages, and made my way out of Los Angeles Airport. I am soo sooo sooooooo never doing this alone AGAIN. As a friend had put it - what the hell was i thinking ??!!!

But look at these cheerful faces --- awwww -- made it all worthwhile i suppose.

After driving for 2 hours we finally reached our 'home' :) Lots to do to add the woman's touch and embellish the mundane practicality of a man's ;P but guess i'll have to remind myself to be patient and take my time. Weather was cool - cold really when the wind blew, at about 18 degrees, but nonetheless very pleasant though jackets were a must. Little C didn't even mind the windswept hair all over the face, and i guess it's only when you experience it that you realise just how much difference weather makes in just uplifting your spirits ;)

The promenade you see alongside the waters is just by the development we live in - so yes, we are certainly pampered by the view of San Diego city in the background. Walking to the row of promenade restaurants, we had a 'simple' pizza dinner (but still costing us 50bucks total - sigh... am sooo going to miss hawker centers) and then headed home to settle down.

Am totally pooped having not slept for 36hrs straight. So nightie night ! Gotta get some admin stuff settled - passes etc - tomorrow, and then woohooooo outlet shopping, here i come !!!!! hee hee !!!



Genesis said...

Showed A the pix, he said "C so pretty" :) Aww....
All look so happy, CONGRATS on making it there all on your own!

Anonymous said...'re quite the super women!
Rushing from the 2 day concerts, then catching the early flight and still find time to update your blog! Whoa.

Have a good rest and take care dear!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lou,

Glad you and family hv arrived in SD safely. S & I hv missed C & u already :(.

Keep us posted via ur blog & enjoy SD!