Saturday, March 21, 2009

goodbye - for now !

It's finally quiet and the girls are asleep after an exhilarating cap to R's maiden 2-night dance performance at Victoria Theatre. Guess we are all set to begin our new adventure tomorrow !

This past month has just been crazy and totally memorable to say the least. I've had to tough it out, and learn to plan, balance, juggle like i've never before. There's been much tears, frustration, anger and anxiety, yet, i'm happy to have lived through the process and cherish the memories - the good and the ugly ;P.

All of you, my dear dear friends, sisters and family - thank you. You can't imagine the role you have played in keeping me afloat. I really would have been in pieces if not for your constant support, reassurances, and company to keep me sane, happy and going :P

This past month, I've been simply overwhelmed and touched by your generosity and love. Thank you so much for all the thoughtful presents, love and and well wishes that you have showered on us. We are indeed so blessed and fortunate to have all of you in our lives. R and C are gonna miss their friends so so much. This is my constant nagging guilt at the moment - that i've wrenched them away to be 24hrs cooped up with me !!! poor things - yeeeks !!!

I'm soooo sad to have to miss out on the milestones happening here too - the new babies, the new homes, and all the 'gossip' !! Cannot leave me out just because i'm physically not here ya ! Must send lots of pix and make sure you keep me virtually posted and in the loop on everything !!! I will certainly do my part to update my blog as often as i can so do drop me comments or email me often k ? Sigh... i'm soo gonna miss you all.

Honestly, this virtual channel may be my only other prime pillar of emotional support to keep my sanity intact - the other being those outlet malls 20mins away from my new home (heh ! Heh !!!). So keep those shopping lists coming ya ... donch pai se - i'll be quite happy to be your personal shopper !

So til' you hear from me from American shores.... take care and love you all !


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Genesis said...

Miss you already. Hugs.