Saturday, September 20, 2008

Simple Comforts

I soo sooo love these pictures. I don't know who these kids are, but the glee on their faces and the purity of it all, is just mesmerizing.

These pictures were taken by my sister G when she was in Zhangjiachun, China doing some social work. It was during the run-up to the Beijing Games, and on behalf of her company, G went and distributed some stationery packs and sports equipment like basketballs, badminton rackets and table tennis bats to a village school. THIS was the reception..

I did this layout as a reminder to my girls of how fortunate they are, and to never take simple comforts for granted.

Journaling reads:

"My dear girls, look at how happy these children are !! We may not know them but I always want you to remember how privileged you are and the simple comforts of life. These children had just received a stationery pack each and some sports equipment for their school and they were so happy."


~Sasha Farina~ said...

ohhh.. this is so touching!! yeah.. must show to my girls tomorrow :)

kopi date, that is a must laa.. yes, after Ramadan, sans kids! IKEA, maybe? :)

Enchanted By Scraps said...

Arghhhh!! I want my stuff back! How cum I dont have inspiration like that when I had those stuff??!! Lovely! The journalling touches a place deep in my heart. I always tell Brandon to be grateful for all that he has in his safe and comforting world. There are millions of kids out there who lack that basic comfort.