Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dance on little girl

Selected to dance in Nov for the upcoming orientation concert for the parents of new P1s next year, my R came home beaming. She proudly announced she had "bad news" in that 7 year old, know-it-all tone and slapped her head in dramatic fashion. A handful of kids from each P1 class had been chosen and she was one of them

I was happy for her until i saw the practice and rehearsal schedule ! GOSH ! Just for a simple one item, there was at least 10 practices - staying back after school, practicing during extended recess on Wed, and going back to school during those PSLE marking days ! Umm... guess who's got to do all the ferrying.

AND to add on to her schedule, Missy is preparing for dance exams for Ballet, Tap and Jazz end of Nov, so practice sessions there too, in addition to regular dance classes !

She comes back aching and asking to be massaged. Thank goodness my ever trusty helper is quite a good masseuse (her grandma was apparently the village masseuse whom everyone came to for postnatal massages and such, so she had picked up some good technique) cos i can't do it to save my life !!

AND exams are near :P AND i'm not yet stressed ... oh my, is that bad ?!

But i am happy cos' R's happy despite being so stretched. Immediately after her massage, she asks "do i have dance tomorrow ?". I smile. And strangely knowing that she has lots on her plate, she has been doing her homework (and some extra - which is a huge huge surprise to me) entirely on her own without me having to start the nag. I feel reassured that this little perfectionist has her heart in the right place and is enjoying every aspect of her growing up years. I smile again :)


Enchanted By Scraps said...

She's on a tight schedule, but I think she loves it. She seems to love having lots on her plate. This'll be good training for when she grows up and needs to know how to manage her time and such. Good practice now. Must train my B also..... He's such a dreamer! *throw hands up in frustration*

jazsutra said...

Lou,your layouts are Wwwwowzers!!!love dat 'sent by heaven "to depth!simply beatiful!