Sunday, September 14, 2008

Comment settings

Oh my, just realised that my default comment settings were only for registered users !!
So sorry for those of you who had tried to comment but got put-off by the need to be registered ! Haha I would be too ! Have fixed it now so you can comment away :)


tjioep said...

Exactly!!! That's why I only comment when I see u!! Haa!!

jazsutra said...

hey cinderella,u look gorgoues in the is the handsome prince J.hoping be able to scrap with u soon,after our kidz exam.signing off - snow white.

Enchanted By Scraps said...

Is the kangoo thingy really good?? I was there, but bb was hot and crying for milk, so had to skip that activity. Will try it out soon! R is soooo cute! Will tell Br that R has done it and that we'll bring him to play with it soon.