Sunday, September 14, 2008


It's been an extremely eventful week and a very good bonding one with hubby - No less due to the 2 events we had to attend - a formal one at the Istana, and another at Thumper. Gosh ! It's been too long since i last stepped into a club :)

On the home front - the girls were a racket ! We took them to the beach on Thurs and R had such fun on the Kangoo - it's great apparently as it releases tension on the knees and you can walk, run, jump and do all sorts with it. Go check it out ! It's $8 per half hour at the Kangoo Jump store at Big Splash. Clarisse on her little pink trek was of course a pretty sight. And they've just been so hilarious with their quips and squabbles, keeping us in stitches. C particularly, is just tooo cute these days with the things she says (too many to recall at the moment - sigh... i must so scrap all her wisecrack remarks).

And..... a new phone for me !!! Finally !!!! As i began my new fangled acquaintance with the concept of bluetooth - i know i'm so terribly behind :P

All in all - it's been a great week. Hope all of you had lots of fun too !


LZmommy said...

You look sooooo beautiful and Jay so handsome :) What a perfect couple!

L has been asking to try out the kangoo jump and I think I should let her but for Z, I would have to say no since he just recovered.

We should arrange another playdate for the girls once exams over :)

Rachel said...

Beautiful couple!

and a wonderful day out!