Saturday, October 11, 2008

this and that

It's exam week ahead. Don't think my girl has quite got the concept yet. Evidence ?? -
Me:"Rachel tomorrow morning we've got to do some work ya" (she's got papers Mon, Tues and Wed)
R: "Why ?? I know already, what ?"

Rachel's also celebrating her birthday next Sun and she's all excited about it - that certainly outweighs the exams in her mind - guess she's got her 'priorities' right ??!! Me as usual had a late start in organising it and invites were just handmade and completed (can you imaging crafting some 20 similar cards - almost died ! So of course had to solicit little hands to help). Will post them soon when it's sunny and bright to take pix tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by ! Will leave you with some shots of our lil' dancing queens and what they usually get up to at home (some of their antics do give me a heart attack !!)


Genesis said...

Your "rushed made" invites turned out FABULOUS. Evidence? It's staying pinned on my fridge FOREVER. Son also hugged it to sleep during one nap. Had to pry out of his hands cos "che che Rachel SO pretty in the pix". Hahahah SO gorgeous! I can't decide whether to outsource my future invites to you? Or attempt learning myself. Nah, decided. Definitely outsourcing to you!!

me said...

I love the pictures of the girls doing the splits!

jazsutra said...

talented gals u have lou!and that webster altered board is yummy!-jaz