Sunday, October 12, 2008

Punch away

Check out these packs of thousands of 'punched-out' flowers. Yup that's what i've been also up to this weekend with sore palms and thumbs to prove from all that 'punching'.

Tomorrow, i, together some other parent volunteers would be teaching some 200 P6 girls scrapbooking.

This is part of the 'lifeskills' programme that the parents run for the kids after their exams, where they are taught to cook, sew, craft and keep-house. I'm smarter now... cos in May after the mid-years, i volunteered for 'homeskills' and had to teach the kids how to change bolster/ pillow cases and bedsheets. There were something like 8 classes so demonstrated 8 times, and i wondered why my arms ached that night :P

Being unable to sew and not wanting to be in sweltering kitchen heat either- i opted for craft :P ...hehheh..

It'll be fun hanging out with the P6 girls tomorrow, and to catch a glimpse of what R might turn into in 5 years !!!! (Gasp !!!)


jazsutra said...

WOW lou that's surely lotsa work!!!hv fun turn soon.tell u the story on fri.c ya then!

Rachel said...

got an award for u..

Enchanted By Scraps said...

You're very very funny leh Lou!! And so poor thing! Punch till sore! Bet you never wanna see another punch nor another flower again for a lllllooooonnngg time!!

LZmommy said...

Hi Louisa
You got an award from me too :)