Sunday, October 5, 2008

MamaMia! & A-mei*

What a big weekend !

If you've heard enough of Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana and High School Musical - take kiddos to watch Mama Mia !. It's possibly the corniest show around but so TOTALLY entertaining !! Of cos' it helps buckets if you're an ABBA fan like i am - or otherwise just gawk at Peirce Brosnan who's totally mature and handsome in there.... :)

We took the girls on Saturday, but while they may not understand the total content of the show (which is perfect - some bits way tooo adult) at least the music has rubbed off and now they ask for the ABBA CD to be played (instead of whiny Miley Cyrus) and can mumble the choruses of Dancing Queen and Mama Mia.... Soon, they SHALL master my childhood favs - Chiquitita, I have a Dream and Thank you for the Music.... muahhhahaha!

AND A-mei* - was the most electrifying concert i've ever been to !!!

ok, i haven't been to many, but still - that gal's got the vocal prowess to match Mariah Carey's and after 3 hrs of just blasting hit after hit and all that high-energy dancing - she was simply PITCH perfect, every single note. And listening to her ballads - i couldn't help but have goose bumps and tear. AND having the whole INDOOR stadium sing in unison along with her, was just something i've never ever experienced.

Guess our kids' repertoire is very much the result of our own music tastes. But more than that, I want to give my kids the gift of music - to appreciate first and foremost - as many genres as possible, then to play (if they can and are willing to) an instrument cos' being able to create music for yourself is just magical and simply to enjoy the process of it all. So if you do have kids who take up piano, violin or whatever - please don't pressure them - at the end of the day, it's not the exams they pass or how much money had been spent cultivating this, but the fact that they are able to enjoy music and what emotively it can nurture, help, and heal - that is music's true gift.

So back to A-mei - While i may not have enjoyed as many of her fast and noisy numbers as i did her ballads, the showmanship was just superb. Nonetheless, i do appreciate the technicalities - the really good band she had put together (many of whom are Singaporeans i must add) and the difficulties of putting together a faster, more complicated piece - music-wise.

ANd i've concluded - to be able to move to the beat and hold a note (again, if possible - cos' some can't help themselves and are just tone deaf) is quite important cos' it just makes one more socially and individually complete..

This thought because I had a row of - k.. we shall just call them young girls and boys - girls in micro short shorts and all talking loud - but who ALL wanted to be seen as real cool, but the moment they started clapping and shaking and singing - OMG !!! CANNOT make IT !!

hahaha... lucky R and C can shake their bons well-enough already :P ... now just need to work on the big Man !!! muahhahahaha!!


Enchanted By Scraps said...

So love those notebooks! Talented mother, uber talented little girls!
Envy you your mei mei concert. I love her too and would have attended if i could. Went to her last one in 2005 I think or 03.... But it was as electrifying then as it is now. Love love her!!
Yeah!! *AMei ROCKS!!

jazsutra said...

see,lou thou wif all the ramblings in yr email not bein able to scrap at much,im happy to see u enjoying life and going to concerts???? u know what?ive not been to concerts for years!u r one lucky mommy!
and hey,now then i see the infamous notebooks that u hv been talking abt.lovely lovely lovely!

Rachel said...

A mei's concert!! I would have love to go...she is simply fantastic!!