Friday, October 17, 2008

Prepping for THE Party

We're all excited for Rachel's birthday party with her classmates this Sunday ! And Rachel and Clarisse were such a great help getting all those goodie bags ready.

It's really so nice to get the girls involved and we all enjoyed the process tremendously. I got the girls to paint the wooden pegs and after, they used glue dots to stick the flower and button center for each peg. Rachel also stamped all the thank you labels herself for her friends.... they weren't perfect, with smudges in many places but they were her own effort :)

C helped to stick the paper flower and (her favourite part) put all the goodies into the bags. As you can see, they were already in they PJs but they didn't want to stop ! Clarisse is now bugging me incessently to start preparing for HER party but mommy needs a breather !

Thanks too to my two wonderful friends Shir and Jaz and of cos' Rusti who i mercilessly whipped to help me make the personalised notebooks for all of R's friends. :) :) :)

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Genesis said...

surely this time you made 1 for meeeeee?????