Sunday, September 6, 2009

what a catch...

It was a trying week, school wise, and the girls have been challenging to put it mildly. Maybe it's my teaching style, maybe they're still adjusting, but whatever the reason, I felt drained and discouraged. I packed off the books and declared we should take a walk after lunch.

So at 1pm (we didn't bother about the sun, i needed some air,) we explored our neighbourhood and wandered through some houses and found this creek meandering its way around the golf course. And guess who we caught having lunch ??!!

It was really quite fascinating to see it up close, frame by frame, and the girls stood, transfixed.

A close-up shot of the Heron at work ....

And in one huge gulp, that was the end of the fish !!

And then, promptly gets up arrogantly on the back of this duck figurine in the water to sun himself !

In R's words, it was " SOOOO COOOL !!" ... so that was our highlight of the day, as these faces attest.

But their glee was shortlived, as i decided i had to tell "the other parent" (aka Father) the going-ons of the past few weeks, as it was time for some intervention. Waaaaa.... i so love J's lectures.... it's the kind you want to dig a hole and bury yourself from shame type. So loads of drama that Friday, but thankfully, we still had a pretty decent weekend, so it's all good in the house again.... til' the next drama (haha !)

On other updates, Faye's on the road to independent reading (hopefully !),
and R has lost another tooth just today while we were at the supermarket !! She refused to let me hold it or keep it for her, then of course she had to drop it on the road, while we were crossing to get to our car ! We searched but couldn't find it as it looked exactly like any of the million stone grains of the tarmac ! So guess it'll be fossilized there forever, and someday some archeologist might find it, and conclude that it belonged to a little girl yonks ago !

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LZmommy said...

Glad to know that you are enjoying your stay in the US :) When will you be back?