Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apron Strings Sep 09 scrappy yummies

I got the chance to play with Apron Strings larger than a Breadbox kit this round, and my am I pampered !!! Thanks Lori !!

Here are the layouts i got to put together with the yummy stuff from Bo Bunny Delilah and Crate Sprout :

a wonderful feature in my new home now :)

and a closer peek at the details

A reminder to R that she just has to put her mind to whatever she wanted to do and she could achieve it.... just loved the little animals that came with the Crate Paper... the owls, squirrels and beavers... too cute !! cut them up in pairs to show too that i'm always just a few steps behind her... every step of the way...

Melancholic You
C is always soooo cheerful and cheeky that I really loved these shots of her... in her 'off' moments.... priceless...


I was never one to buy those snaps taken at theme parks where u have to pay exorbitant prices. But THIS one. THIS ONE is different. We were just coming down the coaster ride of our lives -Project X- when i caught this picture being taken !!! I HAD to get it.

Can you see why ... here's the close up... it's gold :P (LOL !!!)

Catching up with friends while back in Singapore .... sooo miss them..


Some layouts of our trip out to Monument Valley and Grand Canyon a few months back..

Sunset @ Monument Valley

thanks for dropping by....

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~Sasha Farina~ said...

sayang! i miss you! :D you have been scrapping lots I see!!!