Monday, August 31, 2009

up in the florida sky..

The bags are unpacked and i'm settled.


The last 2 weeks have just been a whirl of setting up home, housekeeping, stocking up groceries, and settling into a routine that all of us can function happily.

And to our dismay, the hot hot hot Florida weather is no better than Singapore's with daily afternoon downpours nearly every day this week.

Nonetheless, key highlights that have kept our spirits up have been god-sent. Literally...

What greeted us after one of those thunderstorms in just perfect splendid colours
... My camera really didn't do justice to what we saw...
And a typical sunset here ...

But my personal favourite this weekend... catching the launch of the space shuttle Discovery on friday night at 2359hrs.

It was exciting as we watched the live launch on our laptops of the Discovery at Kennedy Space Centre some 3hrs drive from here. The minute the rocket launched, we rushed out of the house to gaze into the dark night sky. A minute or so later, we spied this wonderful bright spark in the sky.... AMAZING... and followed its trajectory till we could see no more, than silently made our way back to the house, with me adament that we shall see the next launch live at Kennedy :)

We've HIT the books this week, and as usual, the start is always tough going. Lots of bargaining, negotiating, and setting of ground rules as the girls try their luck sussing out my limits :P Nonetheless, I have big hopes of achieving GREAT THings with the girls, and enjoying every step of the way. To date, i've not come even remotely close to this ideal. But one can still hope :)

And we made this !! to cement in our brains the different levels of the atmosphere :)

Scrap-wise, something i did of my friend's totally adorable boys, to share....

And this just AMAZING layout my friend Sash did of Faye ..... thanks a million dearie.. it's such a treasure and is displayed now on my mantle :)
Sweet Faye by ~Sasha.

Am busy putting together the DT layouts for Apron Strings so check back soon to see the full reveal !!

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How come no scrapping of MY adorable little boys???