Monday, August 18, 2008

No. 1 Friend

Continuing the theme of friendship, this time Ash and C - they are such an item - and the cutest, most adorable pair, so i can't resist - have to post about them again.

Here they are with their classmates during their national day party in school. Their teacher sent a bunch of pix through email to the parents - and check out these 2 - hand in hand AGAIN !

C came home with a purple comb in her bag today- a decidedly male one. As she's got curls, we only own brushes or long tailed ones to tie the girls' hair with. She proudly announced "mommy, asher gave me his comb, he's my Number 1 Friend ! " And when the time came to get ready for her music class, she insisted she had to use A's comb, even though it's not very effective in tying hair - and threw a fit at me, cos' i tried to reason with her. Gosh... love tokens at 4 yrs !!

But it IS really sweet and innocent - and i'm happy they are discovering the warmness of what friendship is all about.

Here they are... one more shot, taken during National Day... Awwwwww....


jazsutra said...

congrats Lou,you've got yourself a future son-in-law...LOL!!!juz kidding.but they are an awesome pair!!!*kenot tahan*

thx for leaving so much love on my blog.and remember to call me and advice me on stufs.can i give you a purple comb oso?

Rachel said...

great friendship they shared! How they actually meet/know each other? Mommy must try to maintain this friendship hor..who knows, he might really be your future SIL!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

awwwwww... so so cute!!!

Busybugz said...

So sweet. :)

Thanks for sharing. My son too has a girl he likes in school but I'm not sure if she is that keen on him as there is another boy she likes more. Love triangle :P