Sunday, August 24, 2008

Explorer Kids - Treetop walk

Bad pix i know with my archaic handphone - but just had to share this.

R was keen to try this 'death-defying' (to her) stunt of walking on tightropes secured with a harness, and manoeuvring across various contraptions like a sliding plank, a huge ball, and a spiderman rope wall :P

But my, she IS such a worry-er (is there even such a word ?) !! The minute she realised she actually touched the tip of the minimum height gauge of 1.2m and could enter this gated adventure zone, she agonized over whether she should indeed try it out. This took her a whole of over 15 minutes, till we almost gave up and lost our patience with her.

Shouldn't kids have a more dare devil attitude, with no sense of fear, and game to try whatever, especially if it's conceivably FUN ??! Yet, my dear little one would pack her little head with lots of 'what if's and 'but then's before she would actually do something. Seems like it's becoming a trait of hers, which i'm not sure at the moment how i feel about it. Surely, over-cautiousness can't be a good thing ? Yet, i was glad she finally worked up her courage to give it a go. And i hope through it she realised, that sometimes, you just need to take a chance with things, cos the glee at the end of it is surely worth the regret if one doesn't even try :)

ps - thanks P for emailing the pix ! Promise i will remember to bag my camera from now !


Rachel said...

is this the same one at Pasir Ris? Rachel wanted to do it but was told she didn't meet the height and age limit! She was so disappointed...

Louisa May said...

Yes it's the one at Pasir Ris, Explorer Kids. Mine was also refused in the past, but this time barely made the minimum height required. They didn't ask for age though. So try again ! Maybe she's shot up !!