Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Project Life

I have always wanted to capture the everyday moments and document the happenings of our lives, but i've never succeeded cos' it was just sooooo tedious.

I mean really, who has time to remember to capture pictures daily or store memorabilia from our lives no matter how meaningful they may be ? Well i for one just chucks or junks them in a drawer and forgets about them.

Consequently, the precious little things that happen - the people that come and go in our lives, what C has said; or the nuggets of achievements R attains - all get forgotten as well. And for me, I wanted to return to the roots of why I started scrapbooking in the first place - to journal and tell the stories to keep for yonks to come.

Finally, i  chanced upon a system that might actually work !!

I was recently inspired by Becky Higgins and Ali Edwards system titled "Project Life" where premade cards, ready slip-in page dividers, date stamp and stickers, and an album are all pre-packed in a kit so you are essentially all set to go ! It's even sold on Amazon.

But I couldn't wait. I wanted something easy to get HERE, so that if i ran out, I didn't have to do any ordering internationally. Besides, I had tonnages of stuff - why not use it all ??

So off i ran to local stationery chain store Popular, and got myself a file and plastic name card holders that come in different sizes, spent a night trimming up numerous papers to size and VOILA ! Here's the spine and cover page.

I started in March. Decided a start whenever is better than never. So be it i missed Jan and Feb. Here's a sneak at how the pages look. With page dividers to denote the months. And you could also slip in programmes, school notes, tickets etc. I wanted to keep it simple - just the stories, without the frills of 'beautifying' it too much.

 I've started a basket to keep all my Project Life stuff together so it is clearly in view and within easy reach. All the cards are trimmed and ready (u can see them in the brown basket) to just slot into the page dividers. And i can just grab and journal as I go along. I encourage the kids to do it too so they can document their feelings/ life from their perspective.

Hee !! happy with what i've put together... So far I've completed March. Let's see how April goes...
Wish me luck !


Patti said...

I LOVE THIS.... even though my kids are much older than yours, I could still go back and catch up. YOU my dear are SO INSPIRING.... home sick today, so I am so GLAD you chose today to post this blog! =)

Louisa May said...

Hey Patti ! Thanks for dropping by and your lovely comments ! It makes my day. And what a bummer to be sick ! But oh well, it's a great reason to stay home and take it slow ya ? :P

It would be great if you do decide to start something like that... at least all the old sentimental stuff would then have a home :) Do it dearie !!

Patti said...

Don't Worry!!! : ) you have inspired me and the ideas are ROLLING... heaven knows I already have enough scrapping fun to get started.... You are a blessing!

Sandy Ang said...

Sounds wonderful and being organized like this must be so helpful. I'm a horribly messy crafter

Cheryl said...

This is such a brilliant idea! Thanks Lou!