Sunday, February 28, 2010

of Mangroves, Moon Halo, ButterflyCrafts and more...

The last stop in our bid to cover as many of the natural parks here was Biscayne National Park.

It was a COLD windy day. We weren't thrilled at thought of getting our feet wet. So not canoeing. Not even pedal boat.

Just tourist fare of walking the boardwalk gawking at these sights and missing 90% of the Park that was underwater ...

The stillness of the environment..

Interrupted by antics of silly gals...

2 nights ago... we saw this at midnight.. out on our front lawn

and so bright in the night sky
totally clear

Moon Halo
attributed to refraction (bending of light rays) in high altitude ice crystals.  When there is considerable high altitude moisture, ice crystals are formed and the moon's light rays are refracted, forming the halo effect.

We played SOCCER. Rather, Hubby tried, Girls tried but decided flying a kite was more fun. I just took pictures :)

Then we took a walk and saw this ! An entire troop of moorhens !!! Clucking at the top of their lungs !
moorhens up close

AND here's a SNEAK of my layout for ButterflyCrafts.  Check back on 1st March for the full reveal !

Leaving you with a
delightful shot my Lens caught

she melts me :)

Have a great week everyone !

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