Sunday, February 21, 2010

Everglades and Big Cypress National Preserve

A wasteland.
Dead wood.
Still murky waters.
Totally commercialized by airboat operators and gator junkies.
A waste of time.

That's what we thought.
So for the past months, we've allowed ourselves to be allured by glitzy theme parks and outlet malls.

Otherwise, pragmatic thinking (also known as lethargy) would prevail, preferring to just chill in the comforts of home. Now, i'm kicking myself for not making use of all that time to lap up the natural beauty at our doorstep. In the past week, we took the 2.5hr drive (twice) down to the Everglades National Park, and the Big Cypress Nature Preserve

Really, what can get better than this ????
This guy totally cracked us up !! And he held this pose for several minutes too !

While the Gators were undoubtedly the stars, what else would one give to witness :

Anhingas opening their beaks to let out those deep throated calls, and listening to another Anhinga, way in the bushes, actually responding to it ?

An Egret or Heron, happily trotting into our pathway to gaze at us, then go about his business, sticking his head in the waters, and in the next second, catching a fish for lunch ?

Just the sheer rugged beauty and expanse of the wilderness

A lengthy reptile curled up for a nap

Baby gators,  and their Mommy looking on from the other side ?

And being just this close to wildlife of any kind ?

Hence I realise, appreciating the beauty of nature requires an openness of mind, a stillness of the heart, patience, humility and a sense of wonder that will come, if we just allow ourselves the chance.

We are hooked, and hopefully life would continue to afford us the opportunities to be this close to it all.

More importantly, as a parent, I hope I have achieved in seeding this appreciation in the girls, forever. 

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