Saturday, May 16, 2009

Museums and a tea party !

Took the girls down memory lane this week, and they visited this air-craft carrier - the USS Midway which had previously served as a flagship in the fleet in Desert Storm stationed at Kuwait.

Now decommissioned and used as a museum, the girls got to see how sailors actually lived aboard the air-craft carriers, and got to climb into the cockpits of several aircrafts on the flight deck. At full capacity, this air-craft carrier could carry up to 60 aircraft on its deck !

We also did the Museum of Man this week - more like an anthropology museum so now the girls have an inkling what their ancestors looked like (ie. apes) and how ancient civilisations lived.

Here C stands in front of a stone shaft, what is called a Stela, in which the ancient Mayans carved their beliefs on.

The girls were fascinated by what they saw and were busy scribbling in their note books. C had me spelling out all the exhibits for her so she could jot them down. She might not remember what they are already, but the process was good nonetheless....
R's favourite - the ancient Egyptians and mummy exhibits.

Here she is - sitting on a pharoah's throne :)

And the kids went to Tea today !!!

A fanciful one at that, organised by our local library. It's called the Mother and Daughter tea, so i got to go too. Many mothers and daughters actually dressed up in similar outfits and matching hats as well, so it was a real sight to see. We of cos' just went in our usual.

But it was such fun ! The girls got to use pretty glassware and walk up to get their tea poured out of elegant silverware, and snack on colourful cookies and muffins. So wonderful that the library stuff and the volunteers put so much effort into it, and all for free too ! It's really heartening the spirit of volunteerism here.

Then off to watch Hannah Montana - the Movie. It was great. As usual, i cried buckets. Not that it was all THAT soppy - it was just me. We really enjoyed it, better than High School Musical, in our opinion.

So all in all, another fantastic week. Hope you all had a great one too especially if the exam season is over :)


Genesis said...

oh! wistful envious.
Will write shortly with narration of huge fuss that ocurred at home when A received C's letter. Oh my that was dramatic with a capital D :)

Amy said...

What a great tour you have been on....and a tea party sounds like wonderful fun!!

I have left something for you over on my blog....hop on over and take a peek.

Amy ♥