Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bangkok escapade

It was such a wonderful escapade where all we did was literally shop, eat and shop some more !!

We had planned this for many months now, but were disappointed several weeks ago when the airport was shut due to anti government protests. Really what were the odds of having a second honeymoon in nearly a decade - and they just had to decide to close down the airport ??!!

Nonetheless, we made our way there on Boxing day and the hotel (we stayed at Grand Sukhumvit Sofitel) kindly gave us an upgrade to a suite for the inconvenience caused. Happy :) :)

Food was good and cheap, shopping was a bargain as much of the items were going on wholesale prices and hotel a luxury - what more could one ask for :) ... a fantastic way to usher in the new year, I say !

My shopping stash is too sinful to show (hehhhee!!) so you've got to settle for some pix of the glorious food we had.

Selection of thai appetizers we had at Celadon Restaurant @ The Sukhothai

Grilled River Prawns -
these were soooo huge, i could only manage 2 and hubby cleaned up the rest !

Claypot sharks fin at Chinatown

Steamboat @ MK restaurant, a local steamboat chain.
The yummy green noodles and the roast duck here were just out of this world !

My New Year resolution - more roller blading to keep that tummy down !
Here's a toast to a wonderful, exciting and pleasurable 2009 for everyone ! Cheers !!


jazsutra said...

Hi Lou!Welcome home.u definitely had a blast at BKK!!! My God,those yummy food!!! and hey congrats on making the first DT.WOohoo wtg!..will call u later...

Elizabeth said...

sounds like a fun trip with all that shopping!!

Blue Banana said...

Oh wow!! Yummy foodies!! *drooling*

And yes! Congrats on making to the DT!!

Wishing you and your family a great year ahead! God bless!!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

Happy New Year Lou!! yummy looking photos and you're gorgeous as always!