Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Singapore's first Disney Restaurant

Disney Naturally - Anchorpoint

Yup, it's real - for those of you who haven't uncovered this gem of a kiddo's paradise. Don't be fooled by the pix below though... this place is extremely small, doesn't take reservations and mostly runs at full capacity.

[Cutsy entrance and wash area]

We arrived at 1115am on Vesak Day, thinking we are smart enough to beat the lunch crowd, but boy were we wrong. All tables were full. We were a large group of 10, so we had to wait for 2 tables to vacate before getting a seat on those cute Mickey-ear seats (see below).

Finally, after 40mins, we gave up waiting, settled for a table for 5 - dumped kids and helpers there, and the adults trotted off (looking reluctant, but secretly rejoicing) to the Hong Kong cafe on the same level at the end of the corridor ! That was certainly the best decision of the day, cos' ALL were happy.

[Mickey-shaped Pizza]

Kids got their mickey shaped pizzas, spaghetti (which based on child-review, was really really yummy) and chicken stew with mickey shaped bread; Adults got their rojak mix of curry chicken, roast meat rice, roti with condensed milk & kaya and lots more sinful stuff.

The movies played on the big screen also helped tremendously in keeping the kids seated while they ate. During that short span, we managed to catch bits of Finding Nemo, and High School Musical. There was also game sheets to keep kids occupied. Oh, and yes, computer terminals with kiddy games too !

[Movie Screening & Gamesheets for Kiddos]

In a nutshell, food wasn't superb, service left lots to be desired, food was a little over-priced for its quality (it was $15 for the pizza and $9 for the pasta), but guess the novelty of it all seemed to make it worthwhile, for the kids at least. If you could do what we did (admittedly we did it under MUCH duress), it is actually not a bad idea having the kids with trusted minders at Disney while those with more discerning palates 'pig-out' somewhere else :)

Disney Naturally [ Halal Certified]Anchorpoint
370 Alexandra Road #01-05/06
Singapore 159953 [map](65) 6479 2823
Open: 10:30 am to 10 pm (weekdays); 10 am to 10 pm (weekends)


LZmommy said...

Wow! You started blogging! :)

I heard about the restaurant but yet to visit the place and I heard of the prices too! The food not that great right?

jazsutra said...

hi lou..lovely blog you have here...i luv that disney plc too but thot their food so-so.enjoy your "new" blogging and scrapping!c u 2mr!