Friday, May 23, 2008

Friendship in the Sun

Under hot searing heat, nine 3-4yr olds gleefully marched from the now defunct Big Splash building to the Beach. Yes, it was my younger's end of term party, and everyone was so excited, least of all the mommies who were trying to hide behind their caps and cool shades. Amazingly, the kids braving all, didn't seem to care. You can check out the action here.

This led me inevitably to wonder - why did they get so excited, why so happy ? It's not like they haven't been to the beach before. I've taken my girls umpteen times before, and i've yet to witness that same level of glee.

But I understood. Yes, my 3.5yr old has made friends. She understands what friendship means to her, what joy it can bring. There is a perceptible closeness within this group of 9 young beings, that one can only look on and smile. For instance, how can one honestly expect 3yr olds to share bubble wands? Especially since we're talking about a wonder wand that can create loads of magical translucent circles, no matter how you wave it ! Yet, i witnessed how they would take turns (ok, it was grudgingly..) even though it may have been just after 3 waves of magic, and the next in line impatiently shouts "it's MY turn !!"

Totally heartwarming, and we would miss those who would be leaving the gang. Yet, it's comforting to know they would be resilient, they would adapt to new environments and welcome new friends. And we'd always have the memories of what a fantastic group of first chums these 9 are !

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jazsutra said...

thx lou 4leaving some love on my blog...i love reading what you share..makes me smile!