Thursday, June 2, 2011

Surprise baby Sprinkle..

It's been a tiring past few weeks as the load keeps getting heavier nearing D-day. Baby feels like he's going to jump out from belly any second cos' he keeps moving non-stop !

But THIS. THIS totally prepped me up so wonderfully.
My dear sisters planned and executed a surprise Baby Sprinkle for me to top-notch perfection.

We played games, chatted, laughed and had a fantastic time ! Thank you ladies for sacrificing your Sunday afternoon away from family to be with ME ! Am blessed to have you gals in my life.

 And to my dear sisters... no words needed or suffice for the love and companionship we share. For that, I'm just so grateful.

Some thank you cards i made as a token to my BFFs....

I'm sincerely thankful for all i have.

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