Friday, May 6, 2011

NSD Blog Giveaways & a new Project

Like what you are seeing ???
AND getting it for free is a HUGE bonus, right ???
Go on ! Hop on over to the Scraplicious Blog and play along !

Here's another something I created to assure my small one that she's still as precious as ever to me. 
No big sister. 
No daddy. 
Just SMALL & ME. 
The way she insisted. 
Colourful as ever.
It's HER book she says....

So here we go... a riot of colour in this one...

And a WONDERFUL Happy Mothers' Day to all you mommies and mommies-to-be out there ! 
You sure deserve it !
Hope your journey into motherhood has been as enriching as mine has been :)


Patti said...

As always... adorable, creative and OH SO inspiring, it was so nice to read one of your blogs again!!!! Perfect little treasure for 'small one' = ) Truly a 'riot of color' Hope you Mother's Day is GREAT! patti

Blue Banana said...

Totally heart the album!! All the elements used are absolutely beautiful! Keep them coming!!